Start History

The Company´s History


In the year 1862, the businessman Wilhelm Wolf and the engineer August Knippenberg founded their needle factory in Ichterhausen. Initially they manufatured sewing needles, embroidery needles, darning needles and knitting needles. By 1900, the business had grown to be one of the largest needle factories in the world. And since then, the company has enjoyed a leading position in the needlemanufacturing sector.


Surgical needles from Ichtershausen are manufactured only from the very highest-grade materials and are constantly subjected to scientific testing methods to ensure constant quality and precision.


TNI needles are distinguished by the following characteristics:


- good piercing and cutting quality

- smooth and clean surface

- optimum stability and elasticy


Our packing, which is subjected to testing under extreme climatic conditions, ensures complete protection against rusting and corrosion.